Team Soapbox


Since 2001, Team Soapbox has been delivering communications expertise in the Seattle area and beyond. We are experienced in strategic communications and marketing for non-profits, public agencies, and businesses who are fighting to leave the world better than they found it. We affect behavior change through strategies that attract attention to community issues that might otherwise have a hard time cutting through the noise.


Our Team


When you work with someone from the ‘Box, you are working with experienced communications professionals who are deeply invested in the community. Many of us are on volunteer boards, have side gigs as small business owners, or participate in local politics. 

We believe everyone has a responsibility to take an active role in making our communities a great place to live. We’re not ones to stand by and let life happen around us. We want (and do) have a say. So do our clients. This passion for community shows up in everything we do. 


Christine Stepherson 


Founder, President

Leigh Sims 


Story Wrangler

Anne Heavey 

Public Relations Ace


Molly Michal 

Community Curator

Susan Ward 

Cause Champion

Kelly Bray 

Communications Wizard


Tracey Whitten 

Marketing Maestro

Anand Balasubrahmanyan


Strategic Storyteller

Meagan DeGrand

Design Extraordinaire



Brendan Orta

Production Phenom

Alicia Ayyash

Community Cultivator 

Maggie Mae 


Office Mascot