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The Situation

In 2017, SDOT realized a need to alert neighborhood drivers and parents to the presence of young students in the area traveling to and from school. They looked to us to develop messaging and creative that would alert residents to children in proximity to new and existing schools. We were tasked with creating and branding and entire campaign and media strategy to execute this message. 

The Approach

Soapbox pitched a few different ideas to SDOT, and together we landed on the critter campaign. To get drivers to slow down and be alert when driving near newly opened Middle schools, we created an array of  deliverables, including illustrated and eye-catching creative print and out-of-home collateral, paid media buy, social media, direct mail, and community outreach events. These events promoted education on safe routes to school for middle and elementary schoolers who walk or bike to class. We gave away helmets, serviced broken bicycles, hosted scavenger hunts and taught kids their safest travel routes. 

The Results

The results of our campaign was more wide-spread awareness of children traveling in new school zones. We had a successful social media spread, with graphics still in use around Seattle. SDOT has asked us to develop another campaign expanding on elementary student safety with an emphasis on cross-walk awareness for 2018.