Meagan DeGrand

E: meagan@teamsoapbox.com

A Seattle transplant from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Meagan was trained in design at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. Educated on both traditional illustration and digital design, her rounded artistic skill lends to many mediums. Having traveled west to explore new creative challenges, Meagan is now applying all of her skills to Team Soapbox clients. Meagan uses an enthusiasm for connection, a keen ear for stories, and a passion for design to help interpret client needs and express their personalities. A woman on a mission and seeker of What-Ifs, Meagan’s bubbly, driven energy pushes her work to person-centered design. Her interests lie in using art and design to educate on humanitarian issues, and to teach in a community setting the ways that artistic expression can aid mental health, processing and personal development.

When not at the ‘Box, Meagan enjoys exploring different mediums of art, playing ukulele and collecting hundreds of photos of her cat, Moxi.