Our clients come to us to help them reach their goals, whether that be to recruit new employees to their rapidly expanding organization or communicate the need for legislators to invest in dental clinics at community health centers.

Sure, we’re taskmasters and we get the job done. But, we're also strategic. We come to the table with questions and develop a plan that achieves results.  

Issues Advocacy

Understanding your issue and developing a plan to create change - and then creating the change - is our bread and butter and why we got into this business. We love helping our clients find creative ways to increase awareness about problems facing our community.

Media Relations

You have a story worth telling, and it’s our job to find a way to tell it. Media relations is a great way to get your message to a wide reaching audience. We know what types of stories appeal to reporters and how to get them placed.


Message Development

Finding the right words to educate and inspire your target audiences is no small feat. We’re a team of word wranglers who excel at finding the most compelling way to talk up your cause.

Capacity Building

Sometimes organizations find themselves with too much work and not enough people. That’s where we come in. Consider us an extension of your team. Whether you need a strategic partner or someone to handle implementation, we’re there for you.


Video Production

When you want your audiences to immerse themselves in your organization’s story, few things do the job better than video. We’ll handle the storyboarding, scripting, talent hiring, filming, and pre and post production. And have a viewing party (because we love parties, too). Check out some of our work. 


Details, it’s all about the details. And thinking 10 steps ahead. We’ll happily make magic happen and help you reach your goals and handle everything from event concepting to planning to program management and day-of-logistics.


Creative Campaign Development

Campaigns that feature various tactics, channels, and messages are a great way to get maximum reach for your issue. We’ll manage all the moving parts, including campaign planning, creative development, ad buys, social strategy, and post-campaign analysis.


Your visual identity says a lot about who you are as an organization. Whether you need a fresh take on your organization’s brand or your agency brochure needs an overhaul, we will create something beautiful that achieves your goals and gets people to take notice.


Strategic Counsel

Whether it’s delivering a crisis response or coming up with a strategic recommendation for how to solve a communications problem, our seasoned communications pros will offer up a fresh perspective.

Social Media Strategy

We’ll design a social strategy that’s right for your organization, and use captivating digital content to increase your reach and show off your cause in a way that’s memorable (after all, a human’s attention span is now 8 seconds, which is less than a goldfish).


Internal Communications

Employees are arguably the most important audience for any organization. Reviewing executive communications, conducting an internal communications audit, designing an employee newsletter are all projects we have experience in.


Your website is often the first place advocates and donors turn to when they want to know about your cause. Why not make that first impression count? We’ll handle everything from developing the project plan, content creation, layout and design, user experience, testing, and launch.






Media Training

We know our clients are passionate about what they do. We’ll harness your passion and work it into compelling and memorable sound bytes for media interviews. We’ll run through sample media questions and get you ready for the spotlight.